บทเรียน LEGO

NXT Introduction

Editor Introduction

Move Blocks

Move Exercise


Loop Exercise

Wait Blocks

Wait Exercise

Light Sensors

Light Sensor Exercise

Viewing Sensors (Download Light View Program)


Switch Exercise

ตัวอย่างในการต่อ lego

Fun and Games

Baseball Game Explorer

Cars and Vehicles

Castor Bot Bumper Car
3-Motor Chassis 2-Button Remote Control
Forklift Mini Rover with 3-Button Remote
NXT Segway with Rider Race Car

Music and Sound

Electric Guitar
Guitar Challenge Game


Hammer Car Claw Striker
Ball Shooter  Five Minute Bot


Checkout Scanner  Line Follower

Sensor Systems

Path Measurer Light Meter
5 Button Remote Control Dial Remote Control Steering Remote Control
Top Spinner Mini Golf
Whack-a-Brick Scribble Pad
Baseball Batter Pitching Machine and Batter
Spin Art Flipping Gymnast
Snowmobile Race Ball Kicker

Music and Sound

Electric Guitar Guitar Challenge Game
Santa and Rudolph Wind-up Ballerina
Sound Meter Echo Telegraph Birthday Cake

Cars and Vehicles

4×4 Car with 3 Button Remote 4×4 Car with Joystick Control Voice Controlled Car
Castor Bot Bumper Car Explorer
Dragster Line Follower
Car with Game Controller Claw Car with Game Controller
Hand Generator Car Ball Hunter
Spinner Bot Mini Sumo Bot
Modular Test Vehicle (MTV) 1-Button Remote Control
3-Motor Chassis Forklift
Five Minute Bot Mini Rover
Trailer Pull Steering Rover
NXT Segway with Rider


Catapult Machine Gun
Hammer Car Claw Striker


Robot Arm Crazy Lawn Mower
Mystery Machine 3-Speed Transmission with Clutch
Power Saw Ball Roller Coaster
Mouse Trap Peg Sorter
Combination Lock Box

Sensor Systems

Door Alarm Radar Sensor Meter
Dial Remote Control Area and Volume Calculator
Fake GPS Receiver Path Measurer


Rattlesnake Inch Worm
Puppy Dog Sled Team
Spider Dolphin






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